Microsoft will now pay you to use its Edge browser


Microsoft’s Edge browser was launched with Windows 10 and is the long term replacement for Internet Explorer.

Microsoft claims Edge is quicker, more power efficient and generally superior to both Google Chrome and Firefox.

Microsoft even released video where it put Edge head to head against the other leading web browsers in a power consumption test.

The result of the test, Microsoft said, was that the Edge browser gives you 70% more battery life compared to Google Chrome.

However, despite the company’s best efforts in promoting its new web browser, users have so far been reluctant to switch to Edge.

In fact, it seems users are so reluctant that Microsoft is now trying to bribe them in order to make the switch.

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that its newly rebranded Microsoft Rewards program – previously known as Bing Rewards – which pays people for using Bing as their default search engine, will also now pay for using Edge.

Anyone who signs up to the new Microsoft Rewards program will then be awarded points for using the browser.

Microsoft says that in order to award points, it monitors whether people are using the Edge browser for up to 30 hours each month.

It also tracks the movement of your mouse and looks at other signs to ensure that no one is trying to trick the system.

In order to be awarded points, users must also have Bing set as their default search engine.

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Any accrued points can then be exchanged for credit in a Skype account, a voucher for Starbucks or money off the ad free version of Outlook.

Whether paying people to use the Edge browser will see a sudden surge in users remains to be seen, let alone the prospect of having quite literally their every online movement tracked by Microsoft.

As part of its Windows 10 Anniversary update, Microsoft announced that extensions are now available in Edge.

The extensions, which work in the same way as the extensions in Google Chrome, help users to personalise their web browser.

Recently released stats revealed that Google Chrome is used by an estimated 58 percent of all web users.




  1. Jody Dayton Peace on

    They watch EVERYTHING… and ENDLESS spam pops up… it’s the worse browser ever by far… avoid…