Microsoft releases almost final Windows 10 build, says Edge beats Chrome in benchmarks


Microsoft has just rolled out a new build of Windows 10 (build 10240) to Insider program members, and it’s a near finished version of the US company’s latest operating system. Microsoft is obviously pretty confident in this version to remove the desktop watermark, and there are no known issues listed in its blog post about the latest build.

Windows 10 almost ready

Microsoft does not say the build is the one that will roll out to manufacturers, but reports suggest that 10240 is the golden number. Though Microsoft says that Insiders will still get some updates over the next two weeks.

The new build can be obtained via the normal Windows Update process – just go to Windows Update and click on “Check for updates”. You’ll need to be logged into your Microsoft account to get the build, though.

Microsoft also used its blog post to plug the performance of the new Edge browser, saying that it’s sped up in this build, to beat Chrome and Safari, based on their JavaScript benchmarks. In particular, Microsoft says:

  • On WebKit Sunspider, Edge is 112% faster than Chrome
  • On Google Octane, Edge is 11% faster than Chrome
  • On Apple JetStream, Edge is 37% faster than Chrome

Microsoft also highlights that it’s distinguishing its full-fledged desktop Office apps from the ones built using the Universal App standard by including “Mobile” in each program’s name. Both of these can run on the desktop of course, but universal apps are lighter in terms of features, and optimised for on the go performance…

SOURCE: Microsoft.


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