Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 cloud service ‘transforming’ Thai businesses


Microsoft says it has continued its mission to drive digital transformation for all businesses in Thailand with the availability of its latest cloud service Dynamics 365.

The US-based tech giant said the cloud service delivers intelligence for businesses with integrated, purpose-built apps.

Microsoft described Dynamics 365 as its next generation of business apps in the cloud, “bringing together the full power of productivity, advanced analytics, Power BI and IoT [Internet of things], along with the strength and flexibility of Azure, and a new application platform and common data model to help transform business process end to end”.

With solutions that cover the full spectrum of business requirements – including financials, field service, sales, operations, marketing, project service Automation and customer service – Dynamics 365 delivers purpose-built apps that infuse everyday workflow with intelligence capabilities in a seamless fashion, the company said.

“By the year 2020, businesses armed with intelligence-driven insights will be able to win US$1.2 trillion (Bt42.1 trillion) per year in revenue from competitors who lack this capability. Furthermore, we can expect sizable portions of revenue, sales, and support activities to take place within the digital landscape in the coming years,” said Wachirawuth Rattiwarakorn, industry solution lead, Microsoft Dynamics.

“In Thailand, many companies have recognised the potential of data in driving their business to new heights. We are looking to build on this success with a platform that is more integrated, customisable, and tailor-made for business needs from individual to strategic levels.”


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