Microsoft’s latest ad for the Surface Pro 4 is very strange, takes another pop at Apple


Microsoft has released a new advertisement for its Surface Pro 4 tablet that features a weird singing man who has the head of a cat.

The video, which certainly doesn’t pull any punches, once again takes aim at Apple, this time targeting the MacBook Air.

In the ad, Microsoft highlights the low resolution display and lack of a touch screen on the MacBook Air.

The full duration of the ad features a strange man who briefly transforms into a cat in what has to be one of the most bizarre ads ever created.

Microsoft also uses the ad to highlight the versatility of the Surface Pro 4, which includes a stylus pen and can run a number of Windows apps such as Microsoft Office.

The Microsoft’s latest ad comes less than a week after the company launched a similar advert which compared the Surface Pro 4 to Apple’s iPad Pro.

In that particular ad, Microsoft used the voice of its digital assistant Cortana to ridicule the iPad Pro for its lack of an trackpad, external ports and the ability to run desktop apps.

Both of the adverts end with Microsoft saying “Surface does more, just like you”

These new Microsoft ads follow Apple’s own ‘I’m a Mac, I’m a PC’ TV campaign from a few years ago.

If these adverts are anything to go by, it seems Microsoft – Apple feud is far from over.

The news comes as Apple is expected to announce an overhaul of its MacBook range on September 7th, alongside the new iPhone 7.


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