Microsoft’s Mimicker Alarm Clock app will make sure you wake up in the morning


The sound of your alarm clock going off every morning is met with different responses from different people some people jump out of bed as bright as a button, others quite simply hate mornings and the majority of us probably fall into this category.

Last week Microsoft Garage launched the Mimicker Alarm Clock app for Android phones and it is fair to say that it is one of the most irritating apps ever launched!

The only way that you can dismiss the alarm is by participating in one of three games. As the name suggests this involves mimicking a facial expression and taking a selfie, matching an object with a colour and taking a photo – the colour is decided by the app at random or repeating a tongue twister – just what you want at 6 am.

Hitting the snooze button gives you a five minute opportunity to drag yourself into the land of the living but after that you must complete the game within 30 seconds or the alarm will instantly sound again assuming that you have fallen asleep.

For Microsoft this is the perfect opportunity for them showcase what their developers can do with the Project Oxford Machine.

The project shows off little experiments such as which proved to be extremely popular at the recent Build Conference held by Microsoft.

Microsoft has said that the Mimicker App, when an internal beta test was conducted “delivered positive feedback to the team”.

The only thing that many of us can assume from this is that they are either morning people or they had the games turned off and used it as normal alarm clock.

The Mimicker App is available free from the Google Play store.


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