Millions of personal details sold by bank to Thai call center gang, claims online group


A group that acts on behalf of victims of crime has posted a picture of names they say were sold by a bank to a call center using them to cold call selling insurance and loans.

The list pictured was featured on the page of “The association that helps victims of crime”, a popular Facebook fan page in Thailand.

It shows names of people in Samut Prakarn but the association said that there were millions of personal details sold nationwide, Sanook reported.

The bank was not named but the association said that more will be revealed soon and they would likely take action on behalf of people who have had their personal details passed on.

They said the list included a 13 digit Thai ID number, name and surname, house and office and mobile number and the exact amount in each person’s account.

“Now you will know why you get these calls selling insurance and offering loans,” said the tagline with the picture,

They said that the details were sold to the call center for between 3 baht and 50 baht per name.

“This is a serious breach of security and a danger to all people in Thailand nationwide,” they said while adding that the elderly with considerable savings were particularly vulnerable to cold calling.


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