Millions of users in Asia warned about major new Android spyware threat


Security experts have warned that millions of users are at risk from a new Android spyware threat.

A new report from Trustlook has revealed that as many as 700 million Android smartphones worldwide include pre installed firmware that can be used to siphon of your personal data from call data, SMS and call history.

The spyware is reportedly from Chinese firm Adups, which delivers over the air updates for a number of smartphone manufacturers and whose firmware comes pre-installed on a wide range of Android smartphones.

This firmware, Trustlook claims, puts users at risk as it accesses areas of a smartphone it shouldn’t and without the knowledge of users.

Trustlook says that Adups firmware is installed on 700 million Android phones and collects private data on users without permission.

Most of the smartphones which include Adups firmware tend to be from Chinese manufacturers, including Lenovo, ZTE, BLU and HiSense, whose smartphones are mainly sold in Asia, and some of which are on sale in Thailand.

Last month, Adups firmware was found to be accessing the private data on users of the BLU R1 HD smartphone. BLU promptly issued an update to block snooping firmware.

However, it is not known if other smartphone manufacturers have followed suit.

If you own a device by one of the smartphone manufacturers listed in the Trustlook report, then it is recommended you update your phone as soon as possible with any security or software updates and then make sure you device is kept up to date.


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