Mobile savvy Thais rush to upgrade to 4G


Thai people are taking to 4G like ducks to water.

A latest survey of consumer trends show that the Thais are as tech savvy as ever with a large percentage of people rushing to upgrade devices to the faster and more efficient system.

The survey, conducted by market specialists Market Buzz suggests that 91% of the public appreciate and understand the benefits of 4G.

High percentages have experienced better download and upload speeds and have given a high approval rating to the service when it comes to video streaming.

The survey had a sample size of 2000 people with 32% of respondents living in Bangkok and the rest in the provinces. A total of 65% of respondents have already changed to 4G and of that group 70% were smart phone users. Who paid more than 400 per month on their service requirements.

Smart phone users represent the group that has reacted most swiftly to upgrading to 4G. Areas cited as giving improved connectivity and speeds were principally for people in using video calling, GPS and buying and selling online with those using social media particularly satisfied after changing.

A total of 75% expressed satisfaction at the improved service with 22% convinced it was better and 50% describing the service as good.

Some 80% of all people who replied to the survey are expecting to upgrade within the next 12 months.

Mr Grant Bartoli , President of Media Buzz, said that the total market in Thailand is worth a whopping 6.7 billion dollars or 237 billion baht. Thais are ready to adjust their behaviour when it comes to mobile usage, are tech savvy and prepared to educate themselves with improved knowledge about developments in the sector, he said.

More and more of the Thai public are turning to their mobiles for shopping, TV viewing, social media use and following news especially in the entertainment arena, he added.


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