More good news regarding Windows 10 updates


Microsoft has announced some good news for Windows 10 users regarding its automatic update feature.

Soon it won’t take nearly as long for updates to download, Microsoft has said.

The software giant revealed that the size of future Windows 10 updates will be reduced by as much as 65 percent, meaning users will be able to download them quicker than was previously possible.

To give you an indication on the size of some updates, the recent Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 1503 was more than 2.5GB, so a reduction in these kind of sizes would be good news for Windows 10 users.

The smaller updates will be available as part of the Windows 10 Creators Update that is expected to be released on April 11.

The reduction in file size, which is said to be between 35 and 65 percent, is thanks to Microsoft using Unified Update Platform (UUP) technology, which enables the updates to be pushed out as differential downloads.

This means that Windows 10 only updates the system with the files that need updating, rather than installing the whole update.

“A differential download package contains only the changes that have been made since the last time you updated your device, rather than a full build,” Bill Karagounis, director of program management for the Windows Insider Program, explained in a blog post.

The news comes as Microsoft announced it would let users choose when they want to update their Windows 10 device, rather than installing updates automatically and often without notice.

Microsoft CVP of Windows and Devices Group Core Quality, Michael Fortin said in a blog post: “As always, we believe in the value of keeping devices ‘up to date,’ and recommend that you choose the installation defaults that Windows 10 provides so you will always have the latest features, apps, and security updates.

“However, when you need more control over the update experience, you will have new choices.

“If you decide to exercise more control over the update process, we’ve added a new icon to the Windows Update Settings page that makes it easier to verify that your device is up to date.

“This ‘at a glance’ feature is consistent with a similar feature in the new Windows Defender Security Centre.


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