More reports of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 replacements exploding


It seems to be going from bad to worse for Samsung at the moment with reports emerging that a new and supposedly ‘safe’ Galaxy Note 7 caught fire in China burning the owner’s fingers and his MacBook.

Originally China had been left out of the recall of the Note 7 as the batteries that were included in these devices were from a different manufacturer but this may have to be reviewed in wake of the latest news.

It was CNNMoney that reported that Hui Renjie from China bought the device popular ecommerce site

It should be stressed that the device was new and not second hand.

Renjie claimed that he had left the phone charging overnight but woken by smoke and then witnessed it bursting into flames and damaging his MacBook and then burning two of his fingers.

Samsung sent a representative to collect the device but Renjie refused to give the representative the phone saying he wanted to go public and that he feared Samsung would hush up the story.

There have been four other cases reported in China but Samsung have dismissed two of these stories claiming that it had nothing to do with the battery.

Some users on the Android Central forum have suggested that the problem may be due to a faulty charger or cable although as yet this is seen as just speculation.

Regardless, the latest explosion is a further blow to Samsung, whose global recall of the Note 7 has only started gathering momentum, with the negative press surrounding the device just beginning to subside.


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