More setbacks for Kodi as another popular add on suddenly shuts down


Kodi users have been dealt a major blow after another one its popular third party add ons has shut down.

The hugely popular Phoenix add on has announced plans to close down citing ongoing legal issues surrounding Kodi.

“In light of current events we have decided to close down Phoenix,” a developer for Phoenix wrote in a post.

“This is not something that was easy for us to do; we have all formed a bond that cannot be broken as a team and have a HUGE support base that we are thankful of.

“I can speak for myself when I say thank you to everybody that has ever been involved in Phoenix and it will always be one of my fondest memories.”

Phoenix is the latest in a number of add ons that have been forced to close due to increasing legal pressure from content creators, broadcasters and copyright advocates.

Last week, three popular add ons,, and shutdown after being targeted by an anti piracy group known as ZIRA.

ZIRA filed for an injunction to stop the add ons from streaming content with the operators told that if they continue to run their shady streaming services, they will face fines in the region of $28,000.

Last month, another add on, Navi-X, which was believed to have had millions of users voluntarily closed down after coming under increasing legal pressure.

“Every good thing must come to an end”, a spokesperson for Naxi-X said in a statement.

“After ten years of successful operation, Navi-X has sadly being discontinued.

“The main reason why the decision was made to discontinue the Navi-X service is the current legal climate surrounding Kodi.

“In case you aren’t aware, the abundance of preloaded Kodi box sellers has resulted in a lot of heat on Kodi in the United Kingdom and elsewhere.

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While Kodi, an open source software, is legal, many of the third party add ons which stream content such as Premier League football, movies or the latest TV shows are in breach of copyright laws.
The increasing popularity of Kodi around the world has seen the service become the subject of a global crackdown.

Source: Torrentfreak


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