Mystery Motorola flagship smartphone to launch soon


What new device or gadget is Motorola working on? A rather cryptic message recently posted on Twitter has hinted the company could be about to release a new flagship smartphone, sooner rather than later.


New Motorola flagship smartphone in the works

The rife speculation is all down to a tweet posted by Ricciolo, a Twitter account that is very well known for its accurate mobile phone leaks and scoops, which has hinted that Motorola is working on a flagship smartphone that could be slightly ‘smarter’ than your average smartphone.

The tweet asks if you’re looking for a flagship device that’s ‘smarter’ than any other smartphone. It also includes the well known Motorola icon and the promise of ‘coming soon…’.

Motorola Tweet

A later tweet from the same account said that ‘soon’ actually means ‘sooner than expected’. What do these tweets mean, and are they part of Motorola’s official marketing or just leaked by someone in the know? The fact the mystery device is “smarter” than other phones may indicate that is has some super powerful specs that will make it faster more powerful than the competition.

However, the mystery Tweets could simply be referring to some new or innovative features, such as a new user interface or even a new operating system. The device in question might even be some kind of new Moto X smartphone, or a Google Nexus model.

But since the Ricciolo Twitter account emphasises the word ‘hint’, it could actually be a hint at a possible successor to the Motorola Hint, which was an in-ear Bluetooth device that allowed Moto X owners to control the device hands-free.

It’s rather exciting to speculate as to what this new mystery device could be, but ‘soon’ probably refers to Mobile World Congress which starts in Barcelona on March 2nd. If there is some truly new and revolutionary device in the works, we’ll find out soon enough.


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