Motorola believes Samsung could fall from being top smartphone maker


Motorola president Rick Osterloh thinks that Samsung might fall from grace as the top smartphone manufacturer, according to an interview he gave last week.


Motorola poised to take top position?

It’s a familiar story – the market leader falls from grace at the top position while its competitors manage t stay sharp and one day, the leader simply fades away. You might think of Nokia and Blackberry – as only ten years ago those two companies pretty much ruled the mobile phone market – but today they are barely hanging on with a tiny minority of sales compared to the giants at the top. Motorola’s president Rick Osterloh has said he believes Samsung could be in the same position, and that Motorola is ready to step into their shoes.

Samsung however has a huge empire in the smartphone and tablet market, outselling their closest competitor Apple and pretty much blowing everyone else away. But despite their undoubted successes in the past, 2014 has not been great for the South Korea company, and many people are wondering if they’re on the edge of a huge fall.

Motorola on the other hand, spent some time under Google where they were fairly limited in what they could do, but the U.S. company is now owned by Lenovo and has ambitious plans to expand to new markets from this year. Perhaps the most important is China, where consumers demand top of the line smartphones without the premium price tag.

Motorola China Launch Event

Osterloh says thinks Motorola is positioned to take advantage of the situation:

Every seven years, the person who’s been on top of the market has gone away. We are going through one of those fascinating shifts where people are starting to realize that you don’t need to pay $600 for a top-tier phone to get a top-tier experience.

Under Google ownership, Motorola had started to play down specs in favour of focusing on improvements to the user experience, and even though powerful hardware is evident again (indicated by the company’s plans to use a new Snapdragon 810 chip in a new flagship device in 2015), they hope to attract more buyers by offering better value but without sacrificing performance.

Can Motorola challenge Samsung for the smartphone crown, rivalling young upstarts like Chinese company Xiaomi?


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  1. TimCtheFilmGuy on

    I love my moto G. Fantastic phone at a great price. Had to buy it in the states though. Too bad they don’t sell it here in Thailand.