Motorola’s Moto E is Faster, Bigger and Just $149


Motorola hinted last week that they would be introducing the new Moto E shortly. That time has come. The second-generation of the Mote E is faster, bigger and inexpensive. The cheapest smartphone produced by the company, the Moto E, has an impressive set of features.

Last year’s model and this year’s model look almost exactly the same. The new model has a slightly bigger screen at 4.5-inches and uses faster 4G LTE networking. The processor has also been upgraded with the company choosing the Qualcomm Snapdragon 410.

The backplate is the most noticeable difference in aesthetics. Instead of a traditional backplate, colored bands can be used to customize the look of the phone. The company offers a standard black and white model, or users can choose one of the six color bands. There is also a third option that includes a grip shell case.

Moto E also improves in the camera department. Working off of user feedback, the camera has been upgraded to 5-megapixels. Storage has also been doubled, offering 8GB of internal storage. The Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system comes with each phone.

A quick capture feature has also been added to allow for photos to be taken with a flick of the wrist.

The original Moto E was one of the best entry-level phones on the market. The new model has a slightly higher price tag at $149 for the LTE version. There is also a 3G model that costs $119.

Starting immediately, the Moto E is available for purchase in over 40 countries, including Thailand.

News of the phone’s release was done in a new, unique way. Acting as a form of a press conference, the company shipped a press conference box to news outlets. Inside was a full presentation featuring the company’s president, Rick Osterloh, press badges, a Moto E and a slew of other items.



  1. Giles Peach on

    Where are these available in Thailand? Other than imported models in MBK. Haven’t seen a Moto X anywhere either.

  2. yui donguines on

    there are actually good stores that sells the moto can check or