Moving to Canada: Immigration website crashes following Trump election victory


Canada’s Immigration website has crashed on Wednesday after presidential candidate Donald Trump took a giant step towards the White House.

As more polling results took Trump close to the all important 270 electoral votes need to ensure victory over Hillary Clinton, Canada’s main immigration website appeared to suffer repeated outages.


In New Zealand, immigration officials also reported a huge surge in web traffic to various sections of its immigration website, particularly on pages related to student visas.

According to the latest Google stats, searches for “how can I move to Canada” also spiked violently as polling results from states across America started to become official.

In the run up to the election, many celebrities and high profile figures hit out against Donald Trump for a variety of reasons, citing his anti immigration policy and racist and sexist comments.

‘Breaking Bad’ TV actor Bryan Cranston had claimed that he move to Canada if Trump was to win, while actor Robert De Niro had called Trump “insane” and a “pig”.


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