Mozilla gives up on its $25 Firefox smartphone dream


Mozilla is finding that there’s no guarantee of success if you’re making a super-cheap smartphone, especially when you are competing with Google’s Android operating system. CNET reported recently that company CEO Chris Beard sent an email to employees stating that the company, best known for the Firefox browser, is to change its mobile strategy.

“We have not seen sufficient traction for a $25 phone”, Beard wrote in the email, adding, “we will focus on efforts that provide a better user experience, rather than focusing on cost alone”.

Mozilla’s $25 Firefox OS phone not seeing traction

That doesn’t necessarily mean that Mozilla will aim for the high-end iPhone and Android flagship device sector however. The firm appears to want to produce many options across several price points.

“While we won’t be able to live and breathe on each and every target device for our core product and technology, we can on phones that are powerful enough for each of us to make our primary phone”, Beard wrote. The email says that Mozilla will continue to explore developing so-called “feature phones” (i.e. more basic phones).

Firefox OS Smartphones

Just some of the Firefox OS smartphones available today.

Mozilla is apparently also looking to add support for Android apps, just like Microsoft is planning with Windows 10, to give Firefox OS something of a boost. Beard says that this might be just “key apps” rather than any Android apps, however.

So it seems that Firefox OS phones are not going anywhere just yet. “Firefox OS is critical to ensure the Web remains the single greatest public resource the world has ever known”, Beard wrote.

Ultimately, Mozilla appears to have come to the conclusion that you can’t make a decent smartphone for just $25. That’s probably a good idea, as reports from people who have used the first device at Mobile World Congress were not that positive and proved quite frustrating…

SOURCE: The Verge.


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