Must have new photo editing app Prisma is now available on Android


Prisma, the new hugely popular photo editing app that uses artificial intelligence to transform your boring selfies into something much better is now available to download from the Google Play Store.

The app, which was has gone viral after being released on iOS in June is the likely cause of all of those modified photos that have been popping up on your social media feeds.

Prisma enables users to easily turn their everyday photos in to cool artsy snaps and adds the type of effects that perhaps may only have previously been possible using the likes of Photoshop or something similar.

The app is very easy to use and offers a range of editing tools which are very different to the likes of filters available in Instagram.

Prisma was only launched on iOS a month ago but has already topped all download charts in a number of countries around the world, adding up to 1 million users per day.

To download Prisma on Android visit this link or search Google for ‘neuralprisma’ and this will take you direct to the official app by Prisma Labs Inc. Searching for ‘Prisma’ only brings up all the fake imitation apps which are best avoided.

As of now the app is free to download and there are currently no in app purchases.

It is rumoured that the Russian company which created Prisma is set to be bought out before the end of the year, with CEO Alexey Moiseenkov reported to have been making numerous visits to Facebook HQ in recent weeks.

Be warned though, Prisma has proved so popular that the app’s server have been unable to cope with demand, with some users receiving messages that Prisma is over capacity and to try again later.

Anyway, try the app out for yourself (if you can) and if you haven’t spotted any Prisma images on Facebook yet, you soon will!



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