Mustbin Launches App with Secure Messaging and Cloud Storage


When Mustbin first started out, it was a simple application that organized personal documents and photos in a secure, private way. Now, it’s taking things one step further by including private mobile messaging and cloud storage in its new app: Mustbin 2.0.

The new app includes an array of features, many of which separate Mustbin 2.0 from its competitors. Users will be able to take and store photos that will never appear on the camera’s photo roll, un-send messages and import documents from Mustbin’s cloud storage service.

Mustbin already introduced a messaging component to its app last year. The company’s initial goal was to create a secure storage service for mobile devices with “bins” that would store personal documents, like bills, invoices, health information, receipts, bank statements and more. The app also allows for the capturing, recording and sharing of various files.

Although the original Mustbin app was useful, it would have been difficult for the company to compete with the likes of Dropbox and Google Drive. For this reason, Mustbin has focused its efforts on implementing a secure messaging system that offers end-to-end encryption.

With the launch of Mustbin 2.0, several new features have been added to the messaging system, including “Take It Back” (un-send messages) and “Open-to-View” (protects private message content). When you receive a secure message through the app, you’ll have to open the app and enter your PIN to read it. As for the un-send feature, users now have the option to remove their message from the recipient’s device as well as their own.

Along with these two new features, Mustbin 2.0 also includes a “Secret Camera” function. When using this camera, your photos will never appear in your camera roll. This feature is great for capturing personal documents and data.

Satyender Mahajan, CEO of Mustbin, states that in addition to offering end-to-end encryption with its messaging system, Mustbin 2.0 also encrypts the content on the device. In the future, Mustbin hopes to add additional fun messaging features, like support for GIFs, video, stickers and emoji.


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