MWC 2015: Ford Shows Off MoDe Electric Bike


Ford showed off its ‘MoDe’ electric bike concept during a press conference at MWC 2015. The car maker’s e-bike concepts include the MoDe:Pro and the MoDe:Me. Ford’s aim is to make biker commutes safer and more efficient.

The two bike prototypes will connect to the iPhone 6 and come equipped with numerous smart features. Mode:Me and Mode:Pro were the result of a company-wide competition. Ford asked its designers to create concepts for e-bikes. The two concepts unveiled at the MWC 2015 press event were the winning designs of Bruce Southey and Paul Wraith.

Ford’s smart e-bikes fold up for easy storage and boast features that make commuting both convenient and safe. Sensors on the back of the bike detect when vehicles are approaching at high speeds. The bike vibrates to warn the driver, and its lights flash to warn others of the vehicle’s presence.

The bike can also connect to an iPhone device through Bluetooth. When navigational routes are planned, the bike’s handlebars will let the rider know when it’s time to turn left or right. In addition to these smart features, the bikes also come equipped with two horns: a lighter one for pedestrians, and a louder one for vehicles.

As their names suggest, the MoDe:Me is designed for the everyday commuter, while the MoDe:Pro is designed for commercial use. The Pro variant is more rugged and best suited for delivery drivers and couriers. It also comes equipped with a rear rack for easy transport of goods.

Mode:Me is lighter and smaller than its Pro counterpart. It folds up for easy storage in the trunk, or it can be carried alongside on a bus.

Along with its two e-bikes, Ford also unveiled its Cycle sensor kit. Designed for both traditional and electric bikes, the sensor gathers information, including bike lane locations, miles ridden and how much light is given off in various areas.

These new technologies are still in early concept stages, but Ford is hoping to improve commutes with its new smart technology.


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