MWC 2015: Silent Circle unveils secure Blackphone 2 smartphone and Blackphone+ tablet


Security and encryption startup Silent Circle has revealed plans to release an updated version of its privacy focussed smartphone.

The new handset, the Blackphone 2, as well as a new company branded tablet, the Blackphone+, will be available to buy later this year and will run the company’s secure Android based PrivatOS alongside its range of encrypted apps and services.

The Blackphone 2 will include a 64 bit eight core processor, 3GB of memory, a 1920×1080 5.5 inch screen covered by Gorilla Glass 3 and a non removable 3,060mAh battery which should offer much quicker charging compared to its predecessor.

With regards to the Blackphone+, the company has only offered a few details about the secure tablet. All we know so far is that it will have a 7 inch screen and include a Qualcomm processor. Silent Circle claim it will be “the world’s first privacy focused tablet” and is apparently designed for heavy duty business use.

As mentioned, both devices will run Silent Circle’s PrivatOS which the company describes as: “no software, no hooks to carriers, and no leaky data”.

The Blackphone 2 and Blackphone+ also offer encrypted voice calls, contacts, messaging and conference calls, but no email encryption as yet, although Silent Circle co-founder Phil Zimmerman has said it is in development. Apps can be downloaded via Silent Circle’s encrypted app store.

Prior to unveiling the Blackphone 2 at the Mobile World Congress event which is currently being held in Barcelona, Silent Circle announced that it has raised $50 million in funding to buy out its partner Geeksphone, which has enabled the company to take full control of the Blackphone business.

Source: Silent Circle