MyHealthPal Launches on iOS With a Focus on Parkinson’s Disease


MyHealthPal launched this Friday. The app, currently only available on iOS, allows users to track their health conditions. Made by a Parkinson’s Disease sufferer, the app is geared towards those suffering from the disease with hopes of expansion in the near future.

The company secured over £500,000 in funding so far.

MyHealthPal helps users by aggregating all of their data and information in one place. The app allows users to track symptoms. Users can also log their mood, diet and exercise information and virtually anything else that may affect the user’s quality of life.

On the app’s dashboard, there are also medication reminders and charts that tell users if they’re taking their meds on time over a period of time. Users are also able to see their full medication schedules, and add or remove medications as necessary.

One of the app’s most innovative features is the ability to donate a user’s data anonymously for scientific research. The user will in turn receive a share of revenue – amounts have not been disclosed.

Creator, Mike Barlow, has been working closely with health institutes and charities in the UK and the US to further expand his app. MyHealthPal has been thoroughly tested by Mount Sinai Hospital in New York in a trial.


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