Naver denies reports Thai govt is monitoring LINE messages


The parent company of mobile chat application LINE has moved quickly to deny reports that the Thai government is monitoring all messages sent through its service.

“No monitoring by the Thailand government has been conducted,” Nam Ji Woong, a spokesman for South Korea-based Naver Corp., which owns Line Corp., said by e-mail today. “Line considers consumers’ privacy as a top priority,” reports Bloomberg.

Earlier today, the story broke that the government in Thailand was monitoring more than 40 million messages on LINE which are sent daily.

According to The Nation, the ICT minister Pornchai Rujiprapa had said: “We can monitor all the nearly 40 million LINE messages sent by people in Thailand each day.”

“If you receive LINE messages that offend the monarchy and threaten national security, you can lodge a complaint with police. We can trace where the messages originally come from,” Pornchai continued.

The Bangkok Post reports that this isn’t the first time LINE has has been accused of working with the authorities in Thailand.

In 2013, it is claimed the Technology Crime Suppression Division were sent to Japan to ask Naver for its co-operation in obtaining the LINE data for a number of users over concerns of national security.




  1. Giles Peach on

    My understanding is that Line messages are not encrypted the way some other services are. So it is possible that the Thai government could hack them. Line may have not implemented encryption for this very reason, to avoid conflict with governments who wish to eavesdrop on users.

    So while Line may not be actively co-operating, who is to say they are not leaving the door open, so to speak.

  2. Ron Leeman on

    Not sure about monitoring Line but I have run the App through the free version of CheckMyApps and whilst it has no Privacy or Financial Losses problems it does seem to have a Security issue. I am having this checked out in more detail.

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