Netflix gives Android users more ways to watch content offline


Netflix’s decision last November to enable subscribers to download and watch content offline was arguably the most significant update the service had ever seen.

Like Netflix doesn’t take up enough time, the option for offline viewing meant it was even easier for subscribers to watch content on the go.

Well now the company is going one step further, giving Android users another option for watching content offline.

On Tuesday, Netflix announced that subscribers with Android devices can download shows for offline viewing straight to a MicroSD card, allowing them to download and store as many shows as their storage card allows.

Downloading shows to watch offline works in the same way as before. However, a new ‘Download Location’ option has been added that allows for content to be added to a removable MicroSD card, rather than eating up space on the internal storage of a smartphone or tablet.

This new feature is a big plus for Android users and given that MicroSD storage is now cheaper and more spacious than it ever has been, Netflix subscribers can load up on their favourite shows.

Android users can start using the new feature by downloading the latest version of the Netflix app from the Google Play Store.

The news comes after Netflix teased subscribers with a new trailer for Season 5 of House of Cards, which is set to be available in May.


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