Netflix launches aggressive new crackdown on VPN users


Earlier this year, Netflix announced it was going to try and block users who use VPN or DNS services in order to access geo-blocked content from other countries.

Initially the crackdown seemed to have little effect and Netflix was roundly mocked by VPN users and the companies which supply VPN services. However, it now seems that Netflix has successfully managed to block everyone who uses a VPN to access its services.

Since the weekend, users throughout Europe and Australia have reported they are no longer able to access Netflix via VPN.

Users in the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain all confirmed that they had been blocked from accessing Netflix in a thread on Reddit.

“Since yesterday, using a VPN while accesing Netflix will cause an error (M7111-1331-5059) and a message saying you must disable it in order to watch content”, wrote one Reddit user.

VPNs aren’t just used to mask the location and IP address of a computer, they also offer increased security, which is one of the major reasons why people use them and why Netflix’s crackdown on VPN users has been so unpopular.

Netflix has actually always prohibited users from using VPNs to access geo-blocked content, however, it has only recently started to enforce the ban, which is said to be from mounting pressure from content creators and license holders.

Netflix is yet to comment on the latest claims of a crackdown on VPN users.

Earlier this year, Netflix officially launched in 130 countries around the world, including Thailand.

However, some users in Thailand, as in other countries, have complained that only a small amount of content is available compared to that accessible via Netflix in the US or UK, and therefore use the VPN so that they can watch a greater selection of movies and TV shows.


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  1. Impossible to block every IP …. it’s a waste of time, and has no value !