Netflix may soon allow you to download or watch videos offline


Netflix is like a TV viewers dream – you can binge watch episodes of your favourite programs for as long as you like and no one can stop you – that is assuming that you have got an internet connection.

Well, that soon may no longer be an obstacle as Netflix are reportedly looking into a “download-and-go” video feature that will be something akin to the BBC iPlayer or Amazon Prime Video.

There have been rumours circulating for a while but nothing was actually confirmed until industry sources told LightReading, a communication trade publication that the plans were being pushed forward.

There is little doubt that bringing video download to Netflix would prove popular with subscribers.

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You can enjoy the films you want on that long train journey where in the past you kept losing your internet signal, you won’t need to load your iPad with films that you a reluctant to admit to where they came from for that long flight and generally things will just be easier.

It has to be a said that Netflix is a little late to join the party with offline video but with their 81 million strong user base, the company certainly has the power to change how we digest on-demand content.

The obviously early problems could be what happens to content rights and crossing borders but if Amazon managed to get around the problem, you would expect Netflix to do the same.

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