Netflix is redesigning its Android app – here’s what you need to know


Have you noticed that you Netflix app has had something of an overall?

If you have, then it should have improved the app’s usability, especially if you have a larger phone, if you haven’t, it may be because Netflix hasn’t made the update available to everyone.

The old style “hamburger” menu button has gone and the options are now on the bottom of the screen.

It was first noticed by Reddit user MyFishDrownedItself, a Samsung Galaxy S6 owner, who posted a screenshot of the new user interface online. 

“Just got a major Netflix app redesign!” he wrote this week, describing it as, “So nice, so clean.”

The messy hamburger and the search feature have both gone leaving the a whole lot clearer.

On the new search screen, found at the bottom, categories are listed directly under the search bar, says MyFishDrownedItself, who adds that the redesigned app offers “skip intro” and “skip recap” options too. 

The My Profile page, meanwhile, is a central hub for notifications, and also contains My List.

“This design seems to be final, only thing missing are tap animations when you switch between tabs but it may stay the way it is,” MyFishDrownedItself said. 

“Overall it feels much better and accessible than before. The app seems less intimidating and I imagine that’s going to be a great thing for new members.”

The new version of the app hasn’t been rolled out yet and sadly, it is unclear if it ever will be.

The new changes haven’t been made generally available to beta testers either – which is unusual. Instead, the company has decided to select a few users to use as Guinea pigs before deciding if it will prove an overall hit.

H/T: Android Police


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