Skip Intro: Awesome new feature is the greatest thing to happen to Netflix


Great news for Netflix users!

The streaming giant has announced it is testing a new feature that will let you skip the intro before watching an episode of a TV show.

No more having to watch the same minute long title sequence over and over before watching an episode of say House of Cards or Stranger Things.

Netflix revealed on Friday that its new “Skip Intro” button has been made available to some users.

Currently the feature is only available online and not from the Netflix app.

While The Verge reported that the Skip Intro button has also been spotted on some third party shows, Netflix is yet to confirm whether or not it will be added on all content or just on its original shows.

“We perform hundreds of tests every year to help make the Netflix member experience better,” a spokeswoman for Netflix said.

Netflix users have long called for an option to skip the opening credits to a TV show. While the the title sequence can help set the tone for a show, more often than not users just want to dive right into the next episode.

So far the new Skip Intro feature appears to have been met with positive feedback from users posting on social media.


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