Netflix update to give big boost to Windows 10 users


Netflix has announced that users will be able to watch its video streaming service in super high quality video from Windows 10 PCs.

On Tuesday the company announced that all users will be able to watch Netflix in 4K video from a Windows PC, meaning customers can watch their favourite movies and TV shows in super high definition.

However, due to the quality of the images, most users will need a pretty powerful PC in order to truly get the most out of the new feature.

Microsoft has said that in order to watch Netflix in 4K you will need PC running Windows 10 or a 2-in-1 device like the Surface Pro 4, that includes the very latest hardware, such as a 4K capable screen and PC or laptop which has the new and powerful 7th Gen Intel Core Processor.

This means that unless you have a new and top of the range PC or laptop  then chances are you will not be able to take advantage of the new feature just yet.

There are a few laptops on sale in Thailand currently that have the necessary hardware to enable you to watch Netflix in 4K.

However, they don’t come cheap and you are looking upwards of 60,000 baht for a device that boasts such specs.

Asus ZenBook Pro

Asus ZenBook Pro


A good option could be the Asus ZenBook Pro at 61,000 baht, while the HP Omen 17-w122TX and Dell XPS 15-W56731603TH priced at 78,990 baht and 92,900 baht would also fit the bill.

However, Intel has said that hundreds of more devices such be launched with 7th Gen chip by the end of the year

The other major catch is that users can only experience Netflix in 4K by using Microsoft’s Edge Browser – despite it not being first choice for most internet users.

Finally, you’ll also need to sign up to Netflix’ premium subscription which costs 420 baht per month.

The news comes as rumours intensify that Netflix rival Amazon Prime Video will be available in Thailand before the end of the year.

Reports first surfaced last week that Amazon would launch its video streaming service, which is the home of The Grand Tour, presented by Jeremy Clarkson, in 200 countries and territories in December.



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