Netflix Vista: The future is binge watching your favourite TV show via a chip implanted in your retina


A new video gives a glimpse of how we may watch Netflix in the future using retinal implants.

The new Netflix Vista concept lets you stream the entire library of TV shows and movies directly to your eyeball, without the need of ever turning on a screen.

Well, that’s the idea behind this rather unsettling teaser for Black Mirror, the excellent dystopian sci-fi series written by British writer and broadcaster, Charlie Brooker.

The video plays up to Black Mirror’s cynical view of the role technology plays in our everyday lives.

Netflix Vista

“What if the things you love could always be with you?”, the video asks, before showing people in different scenarios watching Netflix.

If you’ve not seen Black Mirror, the show offers a dark vision into the near future, a world where technology absolutely rules the lives of humans.

The Netflix Vista concept comes from a similar idea featured in a previous episode of Black Mirror, where a person’s entire memory is accessible via a chip implanted in their neck and can be viewed, erased and scrutinised just like any content you see online.

Now Netflix Vista might seem far fetched, and it is of course been dreamt up as a way of advertising the new series of Black Mirror which is available now on Netflix.

Netflix Vista

However, it might not be long before this kind of technology reaches the masses.

Last year, Samsung was awarded a patent for a pair of contact lenses that can project still images and video directly onto the eye.

The patent describes the contact lenses as having a display, camera and special sensors to detect movement.

The contact lenses can even connect to your smartphone so that you can access information direct from your eye.

Meanwhile, how many times you blink tells the sensors how to carry out certain tasks, such as answering calls or opening apps.


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