Never mind the headphone jack, there is an even bigger change coming to the iPhone 7


Yet another rumour is doing the rounds regarding the iPhone 7 as Apple prepares to unveil the new model as early as next month.

The new device is said to have more advanced photography capabilities along with upgraded hardware and it is said to be a similar design to last year’s models.

However, aside from the new the dual lens camera, the biggest change coming to the iPhone 7 will be the redesigned home button that is capable of detecting pressure not to mention the rather infamous removal of the headphone jack.

According to a report in Bloomberg, Apple is planning a major overhaul of the home button on the iPhone 7.

The new button will be pressure sensitive and will react depending on how much force is pressed on it.

It is said to work in a similar manner to the track pads used on its laptops.

iPhone 7 mock up: Is this what Apple's new handset will look like?

iPhone 7 mock up: Is this what Apple’s new handset will look like?

The other major feature of the iPhone 7 according to the rumours will be the introduction of the new dual cameras, which sounds similar to the camera found on the Huawei P9.

Users of the iPhone 7 will reportedly be able to snap an array of different images including a wide angle or crop of the same same photo.

While the biggest change to the iPhone 7 (if the rumours are to be believed) will be the new home button, the most controversial new feature (or lack thereof) will see Apple remove the headphone jack on its new handset, replacing it with a new smart connector which is used for both data and power.

Although some believe the popularity of the iPhone has somewhat waned in recent times it is still a major source of revenue for Apple and the giant will be looking for the devices to prop up sales before the expected major overhaul in 2017 to mark the device’s 10th anniversary.

The iPhone 7 is expected announced in early September and rumoured to be available in stores by 16 September.


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