Never mind the new iPhone, Apple may also launch new MacBooks on September 7


It has been rumoured that Apple may launch a new range of MacBooks and iMacs on September 7.

The new models are expected to include a thinner MacBook Pro and a new range of iMacs that will feature a new changeable graphics chips, while the MacBook Air will come with USB-C ports, reported Bloomberg.

The MacBook Pro is also reported to include a “Dynamic Function Row”, a new type of digital function key display, which will enable users to quickly complete basic tasks, similar to the Control Centre function in IOS.

It is believed that Apple is planning to partner with LG to produce a new monitor with a high-res 5K display and these may go on sale as soon as October.

Apple is also working on enterprise software to make the iPad more attractive to the business market. These are thought to include improvements to the Apple Pencil and improved zooming features.

The iPhone 7 will be launched on September 7 at an event held in San Francisco.

Rumours have been doing the rounds for several months regarding the device.

The most persistent rumour has been surrounding the alleged dropping of the headphone socket meaning users may have to shell out for a new set of headphones that can be used with a Lightning cable, get an adaptor or use Bluetooth headphones.

The new device is also expected to be waterproof following in the footsteps of their rival Samsung although we only have a few days to wait to see which rumours are true and which are just that, rumours.


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