This new Android malware will destroy your phone


Cybersecurity experts, Kaspersky has warned that there is a major malware threat to Android users.

The malware will cause your battery to overload and subsequently bulge and warp – this happens just 2 days after the infection hits your device.

The company went on to describe the malware as a “Jack of all trades” with the only thing missing being “user espionage”, meaning it doesn’t spy or monitor the phone’s activities.
It is thought that the malware is behind around 20 adverts promoting either anti-virus or porn apps.

In a blog post, Kaspersky said: “Nowadays, it’s all too easy to end up with malicious apps on your smartphone, even if you’re using the official Google Play app store.

“The situation gets even worse when you go somewhere other than the official store – fake applications, limited security checks, and so on.

“However, the spread of malware targeting Android OS is not limited to unofficial stores – advertising, SMS-spam campaigns and other techniques are also used.

“Among this array of threats we found a rather interesting sample – Trojan.AndroidOS.Loapi.

“This Trojan boasts a complicated modular architecture that means it can conduct a variety of malicious activities: mine cryptocurrencies, annoy users with constant ads, launch DDoS attacks from the affected device and much more.

“We’ve never seen such a ‘jack of all trades’ before.”

Kaspersky went on to say: “As part of our dynamic malware analysis we installed the malicious application on a test device.

“The images below show what happened to it after two days.

“Because of the constant load caused by the mining module and generated traffic, the battery bulged and deformed the phone cover.”

We strongly recommend installing the latest virus protection software on your device and making sure you have installed all the latest updates.


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