New app for Thailand minivans – booking and complaining all in one!


A new application for booking minivans starts today – you can book and pay for a seat, then report the driver if he breaks the law – all in one easy package!

The “Get Van Booking” app is a joint collaboration of the metropolitan police and the private sector.

Travelers will be able to get seats without the necessity for queuing.

And they will be able to pay online through the app.

Then if things turn pear-shaped you can report the driver at the press of a button.

There are four categories:

1. Driving over 120 kilometers an hour
2. Scary driving
3. Overloading
4. Other

All you have to do is state the registration and make your complaint – job done.

Get Van Booking app

Get Van Booking app

The force wanted to get their app in use before the start of the Songkran holidays in mid-April when much of the Thai nation will return home for the traditional Thai new year water festival.

The online reporting is a scheme the police have dubbed “Police i lert you”.

Thai Rath did not explain what the name actually means though it seems to refer to the reporting procedure.

The Get Van Booking app can be downloaded on Android and iOS.

Source: ThaiRath

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