New app launched in Thailand blocks unwanted calls


A new app has been launched in Thailand that helps consumers block nuisance or unwanted calls.

The app, called Gun Guan, has been launched as part of a collaboration between the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission and Thailand’s mobile operators.

Gun Guan is available on iOS and Android and can be downloaded from the respective app stores now. Users need to register to use the app before they can block calls.

The app has been launched to try and reduce the number of complaints the NBTC receives from customers regarding nuisance calls or calls from unknown numbers.

The NBTC says its complaints line receives around 300 calls per day.

However, the app isn’t able to block all calls, some from debt collection, insurance and credit card companies will still get through, but it should block the majority of unwanted sales calls, the NBTC said.

Each time a number is blacklisted by a user, it is logged in a database which is then delivered to mobile operators who will warn or penalise the companies or individuals the number is registered too.

For expats in Thailand you will need to be able to read Thai in order to use the app as it only seems to be available in Thai language. Still, your Thai partner, friends or work colleagues may be greatful when you tell them how they can block unwanted calls.

Via: Daily News


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