How a new app could spell the end for counterfeit goods in Thailand


Luxury handbags are among the most common counterfeit goods not only in Thailand but around the world. Now a start-up firm in New York has developed an app that can detect fakes and it is said to be 98% accurate.

Counterfeits are hard to spot, even for experts, as there is a need to recognise different grains of leather and slight anomalies in the stitching.

However, Entrupy, the New York start-up uses a handheld microscope and computer vision software, the company says it technology can spot knock off versions for up to 11 of the world’s leading designer brands including Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Channel. What’s more is that the app has an accuracy rate of more than 98%.

The Entrupy’s team worked with Yann LeCun, a highly experienced and respected researcher in the computer vision area. He is also director of Facebook’s AI team and an angel investor, Bloomberg reported

Mr Srinivasan founded the company believing that is was possible to use algorithms to detect fakes. They have no direct connection with any fashion brands as the company prefers to work more in the second-hand market at the present time.

The fashion industry is becoming increasingly available online however this market is the one that is particularly vulnerable to copies with companies keen to offer “bargains” to retain customer’s interest.

Entrupy has already managed to gain 160 business customers, many of which are online retailers who are keen to ensure that they offer genuine products to their customers.

The devices are available for an initial fee of in the region of THB6500 with monthly plans also available which are around THB3500 per month.

The devices could also be used by law enforcement officials and local authorities to root out counterfeit goods in traditional retail spaces.


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