New app to celebrate the life of Sir David Attenborough


Renowned naturalist and documentary film maker, Sir David Attenborough is set to have a vast collection of his work available on a new app to coincide with his 90th birthday.

The app known as The Story of Life is due to be released on Android and iOS in autumn this year and will show more than 1,000 clips of some of Attenborough’s most notable moments from 1954-2011.

The project is being jointly developed by the BBC and BBC Worldwide and is being hailed as a digital celebration that will allow users to get a glimpse of the world’s animals and wildlife that have been covered and documented by Attenborough over the years.

Julian Hector, acting head of the BBC Natural History Unit, told The Guardian: “Sir David’s pioneering work has given audiences unrivaled access to the world around them for over 60 years and now for the first time they will be able to discover and explore his amazing body of work for themselves with the Story of Life app. We’re building an unrivaled digital collection of his most remarkable wildlife encounters, new discoveries and filming firsts and can’t wait to bring this to fans and families everywhere.”

The fact that Sir David is regarded as being the face (and voice) of the BBCs nature documentary has also played a roles in having Attenborough’s name will also be branded on a new Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) £200m ($288.6m) research vessel.

The name was picked after the popular public vote for “Boaty McBoatface” was rejected. The council said the Boaty name would “live on” as the name of one of the vessel’s remotely operated submersible vehicles.


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