New MacBook Pro 15″ imminent, possibly early June


Last week Apple started to discontinue many models of its professional 15-inch MacBook Pro laptop, ahead of the company’s annual developer conference WWDC, which is expected to also witness the launch of updated models with Force Touch trackpads and the latest Intel mobile processor.

MacBook Pro 15″ refresh incoming

In a bid to reduce inventory ahead of the WWDC conference, which is June 9th to 12th in San Francisco, Apple has now delayed shipments of non-standard (also called “BTO” or build-to-order) configurations a few weeks ago, with shipping times rapidly increasing.

Since then, most third party stores have also run out of many or even all of the 15-inch MacBook Pro models. On Friday, the computer giant also began to discontinue many of the same BTO models while preparing shipments of the standard 15-inch MacBook Pro configurations.

MacBook Pro 15-inch Video Editing

Apple’s online store now says standard models are available in about three to five business days, but if you choose a model with a faster processor or other customisations, the shipping time grows to about 3 weeks – the time of the developer conference.

The flagship MacBook Pro 15-inch with Retina display was last updated in July 2014 with Intel Haswell CPUs and more standard memory. But since then, the 13-inch MacBook Pro model has been updated with the widely-praised Force Touch trackpad (which has no moving parts, but a haptic engine that simulates the feeling of being pressed down, and can also sense different pressure levels).

So if you’re in the market for an new MacBook Pro 15-inch, you’d be advised to wait a few weeks in early June to see what improvements the new model brings.

SOURCE: Apple Insider