New black dot bug can crash any iPhone or iPad – here’s how to avoid it


A new bug discovered in Apple’s iMessages app can crash any iPhone or iPad.

All that’s need is for someone to send you a message containing a strange black dot emoji and your device will crash in an instant.

While the suspicious message is identifiable by the black dot, this isn’t actually what is causing devices to crash.

Hidden behind the black dot is a string of thousands of Unicode characters that your iPhone or iPad is unable to process.

When you open the message the CPU of your iPhone is flooded with requests to try and read the characters and is overloaded, causing the iMessage app to crash repeatedly.

The worst thing is that force quitting or restarting your iPhone doesn’t work either as the device just continues to try and open the offending message.

The YouTube channel Everything Apple Pro demonstrated the bug in a video.

When you receive the message your iPhone will be completely paralysed and display just a white screen.

“The CPU actually goes to 100%, so your phone gets really hot,” EverythingApplePro says in the video.

“…If you didn’t know what was going on, you’d definitely think the Messages app was broken permanently”.

According to Everything Apple Pro the bug impacts any device running iOS 10, 11.2, 11.3 and the beta version of 11.4.

And the older the device the worse the bug will be.

Apple is expected to release a patch to fix the bug shortly.

In the meantime there is a solution if you get sent the text bug.

First, force close the iMessage app and go to the home screen of your iPhone or iPad.

Then you need to 3D Touch on the iMessage app and select New Message.

You then need to cancel the new message and by ding so you will be taken back to your list of message conversations.

From here, hit the edit button and delete the message containing the bug.

The black dot bug is similar to another bug that was revealed earlier this week that is crashing Android and iOS devices via WhatsApp.


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