New campaign reminds users over prepaid SIM card registration


A spokesperson for Thailand’s National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission has announced it will launch a new multi-million Baht promotional campaign to raise public awareness of the requirement to register prepaid SIM cards prior to the July 31st deadline.

Mobile phone users who fail to register their prepaid SIM, face not being able to make phone calls or use mobile data services from August 1st onwards.

The requirement for all pre-paid SIM cards in Thailand to be registered was announced by the NBTC earlier this year.

There are currently around 80 million active prepaid mobile SIM cards in use in Thailand. However only around 18 million users have registered their SIM cards so far.

The NBTC hopes the new promotional campaign, which will cost 40 million Baht, will result in more people registering their pre-paid SIM cards.

Speaking to the Bangkok Post, Mr Korkij Danchaivichit, the NBTC’s vice secretary general said: “This will be the last campaign to remind unregistered prepaid mobile users to register their personal information or they will not be able to use the mobile phone service.”

“The campaign is aimed at almost doubling the registration rate to 500,000 numbers per day in May, up from the current 260,000,” he said.

“If the registration number can be reached, we’re confident of achieving our goal to migrate all prepaid users to our network system,” Mr Korkij added.

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If you have not yet registered your prepaid (or pay as you go) SIM card you can do so by visiting any store of your network provider such as Dtac, AIS, CAT Telecom, TOT Plc or True Move. You can also register at Tesco Lotus and Big C stores and new prepaid users can also register at 7-Eleven stores.

The whole process of registering your SIM only takes a few minutes and you can find more info on how to register your prepaid SIM card here.

The NBTC also hopes an agreement can be reached with the Interior Ministry which will enable users to register their prepaid SIM cards at any one of the 7,000 subdistrict administrative offices throughout Thailand.

The government has said previously that the requirement for all users to register their prepaid SIM cards in Thailand is in the interest of national security and is essential to prevent phones being used for criminal activity in the kingdom.

Have you registered your phone yet?

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  2. Jonathan Fairfield

    If it is the case that you think you may have already have registered your SIM card or you are just unsure whether or not your SIM has been registered previously, you can check to see if your card has been registered by dialing *151# from your mobile phone.

    You should then receive an SMS in either English or Thai (depending on your mobile operator) which will confirm if you’re registered or not.

    Alternatively, call you mobile network provider or visit you local store and staff will be able to tell you if you SIM is registered or not.