New Chrome extension will tell you if your password has been stolen


A new Google Chrome extension can tell you if your password has been leaked online.

The extension, called PassProtect, has been developed by cloud software firm Okta and informs you if any of your passwords have been exposed in a data breach.

PassProtect is only available to Google Chrome users initially but there are plans to roll it out on Firefox, as well as launching a mobile app version.

The extension can be downloaded now from the Chrome Web Store and once installed, login to a website, type your password and hit enter.

A pop up then appears on screen that will notify you if your password is no longer safe.

You’ll then be informed if your password has been discovered in any data breach and be advised to change your password if it is found to be have been compromised.

PassProtect doesn’t analyse usernames but Okta has said it is hoping to add that feature in the near future.


You might wonder whether having a Chrome extension analyse your password is safe but Okta say that encryption and hashing are used when analysing passwords and that actually only the first five characters of your password and sent to the Have I Been Pwned site to see if there is a match.

The frim also said that it is releasing the source code to website developers to install on their sites.

It is hoped that popular websites use the code on their sites to help make it easier for users to find out if their username and password has been compromised.

Tool users Have I Been Pwned website, which is an online directory of all passwords that have been compromised due to data breaches.

You can search Have I Been Pwned, which has logged about half a billion passwords, to check your own login credentials are still safe.

Via: CNet


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