New Doom video game soundtrack said to contain hidden Satanic messages


Doom, the recent updated version of the id Software demonic shooter franchise, has reportedly got another surprise lurking deep in its code.

It is now widely accepted that Doom contains many hidden features and secret playable versions of the classic levels from the original that was released way back in 1993, one eagle-eyed player has apparently uncovered another obscure surprise and went to the lengths of posting about it on Reddit.

The numbers 666 appear in DOOM's soundtrack in a spectrogram: by Tomcb

The numbers 666 appear in DOOM’s soundtrack in a spectrogram: by Tomcb

Tomcb, as the user is known, reported that he ran the game’s soundtrack through spectrogram software and it revealed the number 666 and Satanic pentagram symbols.

In the past we have read about the music world producing songs that when played backwards have hidden messages but now it appears that video games are heading in the same direction.

As yet there has been no confirmation from id, the games makers, but they do have a reputation for planting secrets and hidden references in their games. However, manipulating sonic frequencies seems to be taking it to a whole new level.

Doom is out now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.


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