This new earpiece can translate foreign languages as you have a conversation


An incredible new earpiece that can translate foreign languages in real time while you have a conversation has just gone on sale.

The new device, called Translate One2One, was inspired by the Babel fish from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and could revolutionise the translation and tourism industries.

Lingmo International, the firm behind Translate One2One said it will put an end to awkward conversations and international meetings between business leaders and politicians.

The device is powered by IBM’s artificial intelligence software dubbed Watson and is capable of translating sentences in three to five seconds.

Lingmo International also says the device is the first of its kind which does not need to be constantly connected to wi-fi or mobile data in order to work.

Lingmo founder Danny May said: “As the first device on the market for language translation using AI that does not rely on connectivity to operate, it offers significant potential for its unique application across airlines, foreign government relations and even not-for-profits working in remote areas.”

Currently Translate One2One can translate between Brazilian, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, with more languages being added in the future.

Lingmo has put the device on sale now with orders expected to be shipped by mid-July, the firm has said.

However, there is one catch – both the speaker and the listener need to wear the device in order for the conversation to be translated.


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