New emergency security patch released for Adobe Flash


If you run Adobe Flash you need to read this.

Adobe has announced that it has released an emergency security patch to try and fix a fatal security flaw in the Adobe Flash software.

The new security patch fixes a problem that could potentially result in users becoming a victim of cybercrime and hacking.

The security flaw in question affects users of Apple, Windows and Linux operating systems.

According to Adobe the flaw affects the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

The flaw is being exploited to install malware on computers via banner ads known as ‘malvertisements’.

What makes the particularly bad is that these malvertisements are being served to users via trusted websites, with the attackers having taken control of third party servers, the likes of which often serve ads on completely legitimate websites.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, this latest security flaw in Adobe Flash is also being included in what is known as an ‘exploit-kit’, a tool which is created by hackers to spread cyber attacks much more quickly. An exploit kit can also be sold between hackers for the them to carry out further attacks.

What do you need to do about this?

If you run Adobe Flash Player, you need to need to update the the software immediately to ensure that you are running the very latest version which includes the emergency patch.

Adobe is expected release a full security patch in the coming days.

It is also advised to run a virus or anti malware scan of your computer.

For more information read the security bulletin from Adobe.



  1. I have taken the opportunity to completely uninstall it. I guess I can handle those webpages, that not yet support HTML 5. Youtube, for example, does.

  2. thanks DWJTravel, I had posted the flash version with problems before and a reference to the Adobe site.
    but I fear that something went wrong, as my post is no more.
    censored by thai government??? 🙂

  3. Join the discussion…. I would love to, but rejects each and every post of me. why?

  4. Didn’t Steve Jobs take a lot of flack for refusing to allow Flash on iOS devices? He said it was insecure & a power hog. He got raked over the coals for that decision, yet time & time again he is proven correct.

  5. This one indeed is a correct statement from Steve Jobs, who btw I do not like, as he was governing his Apple cy., like a dictator rules his country: thou shall do what I say.

  6. Where it says “According to Adobe” in the article, you may not have noticed the colored text means it is a link. Click it and you go directly to the Adobe Security Bulletin.

  7. I couldn’t get it to install on this machine, so I did the same. Went through my desktops and laptops and removed all Adobeware, including Acrobat Reader. Java too.

  8. Well. I still have the Adobe reader. That one never cause me trouble. But there are enough alternatives.

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