New Facebook camera app will rival Snapchat, say reports


Facebook is reportedly ready to go head to head with Snapchat and create a new all encompassing camera app.

The move is seen as an attempt to win back the public’s attention with reports that users are getting bored with Facebook and sharing less posts.

The new Facebook camera app is reportedly being developed by a “friend sharing” team in London. According to the Wall Street Journal, people familiar with the matter said “the camera app under consideration is also intended to spur creation,” it wrote.

The images could then be shared on Facebook or other apps such as Instagram.

All this comes in the face of Facebook suffering a decline in original sharing with users becoming less inclined to share every aspect of their lives.

To counteract this, the social media giant rolled out live video to keep users attention as well as purchasing a company called Masquerade, which “makes video more fun and engaging by creating filters that enhance and alter your appearance, within Facebook, we’re going to be able to reach people at a scale like never before,” said CEO Eugene Nevgen.

“For starters, we’ll be able to bring our technology to Facebook’s audience of nearly 1.6 billion people. This is a scale of audience we never imagined was possible.”

Earlier this week, Facebook was reported to be planning to introduce a ‘tip jar’ that would enable users to make money from posts, and which would also be likely to encourage people to share more original posts.


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