New feature from Facebook helps you find free WiFi anywhere in the world


Facebook is launching a new feature that will help its users around the world find free WiFi connections.

Last year Facebook began testing feature on users with Apple devices in certain countries.

Now the social media giant has announced the feature is available to users worldwide on iOS and Android.

This means that rather than eating up your mobile data or if you are in a location where your data connection is a bit spotty, Facebook will direct you to where there is free WiFi.

To use the new feature, Facebook users need to open the mobile app and tap on the ‘More’ tab and then tap on ‘Find WiFi’.

In order for WiFi connections to be listed, businesses that offer free WiFi need to opt in to the service.

The service is likely to be a challenge to Google Maps, with Facebook hoping users will switch to use its own mapping services.

Earlier this week Facebook announced that 2 billion people are accessing the platform every month.

By comparison, Facebook owned WhatsApp and Instagram have around 1.2 billion and 700 million users each month, respectively.

YouTube has around 1.5 billion monthly users and relative newcomer Snapchat boasts around 250 million users per month.

The Find WiFi feature isn’t Facebook’s only attempt at making it easy for people to get connected.

It has already revealed plans to use solar powered drones to bring connectivity to developing countries,

This week, Facebook said its drone, dubbed Aquila, successfully completed its second test flight, flying over Arizona for one hour and 46 minutes.

During its maiden voyage last summer Aquila crash landed during heavy winds.


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