New feature on Google Chrome helps you mute noisy annoying websites


How many times have you been browsing the internet only to be rudely interrupted by an advert playing in the background?

It seems that the tech boffins at Google now have a solution that could save your eardrums. Chrome, similar to other browsers, already lets you mute specific tabs but they have now gone one step further by enabling users to mute specific websites as well.

Google’s Francois Beaufort announced the feature which is still described as being “in the experimental stage”.

He said: “This will give you more control about which website is allowed to throw sound at you automatically.”

Image: Google

The new feature appears as an audio toggle in the website’s info pane. It appears to the far left of the address bar and by clicking on the ‘Secure’ icon.

The new toggle is only currently available on the Canary Version of Chrome and for it to work users must use the “–enable-features=SoundContentSetting” switch when you launch it.

It is said that the new feature will significantly enhance users’ experience when they are surfing the internet although as yet it is unclear when a stable version will be available to all Chrome users as it will have to graduate to the developer and beta editions first.

H/T: Engadet


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