New feature from Google will help boost the battery life on your smartphone


Google are set to give a little helping hand when it comes to saving battery life on your smartphone.

A new feature will display a banner on Android devices that will inform you if any apps are draining your battery which explains the issues and how you can fix them.

Android Police first noticed the feature in the latest version of Android Oreo Developer Preview.

Regular users don’t have access to the feature as yet but it is expected to rolled out very shortly.

Android Oreo already has a battery page which is fairly comprehensive informing users things such a breakdown of your app usage and how much screen on time you have left.

However, the new feature is said to be far more practical as not only does it warn you which apps are draining your battery, it also provides a call to action.

The warning message that Android Police reported was “Maps Preview draining battery. Requesting location frequently.”

If you then tap on the message another popup message will appear saying, ““Your phone can’t manage battery normally because Maps Preview keeps requesting your location when you’re not using the app. To fix this issue, you can turn off location for this app.”

This then allows you to stop your phone from requesting your location when the app isn’t in use, thus saving your battery life.


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