New feature makes Facebook stalking riskier than ever


Facebook stalking is something we all do because we can generally get away with it without our victims knowing. That was until now.

A new feature rolled out by Facebook means it is riskier than ever to stalk people on the social network.

Last month Facebook quietly added Facebook Hello, a feature which is essentially an updated version of Poke, which was first available in the early days of Facebook.

You probably haven’t even noticed Facebook Hello and while the feature itself isn’t particularly interesting, where it has been positioned on people’s profile is causing all kinds of trouble for some unlucky users.

Next time you visit someone’s profile, look out for the Hello hand waving icon located near the top of their profile page.

If you tap on it your Facebook friend will receive a notification telling them you have ‘waved’ at them, which seems innocent enough.

However, the Hello button also appears on profiles of people you are not friends with – and there’s the problem.

Furthermore, the Hello button is more prominent on the mobile app where it is located just below the profile photo.

This makes it is much easier to mistakenly tap, which could cause a huge amount of embarrassment, particularly if the profile in question belongs to say an ex-girlfriend or someone else who you’d prefer didn’t know you had been stalking them on Facebook.

Now users have taken to Twitter to complain about how they were caught out by the feature.

Others have said the tapped on Hello rather than Add Friend, which they said just made them look a bit daft.

Luckily there is a way to escape the embarrassment of inadvertently tapping on the Hello button and letting you hide evidence of your Facebook stalking.

To undo your mistake, just quickly tap on the Hello button again and select ‘confirm’ from the option that appears in the pop up.



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