New feature means your Facebook status update may never be the same again


Facebook is testing a new kind of status update in an attempt to get more people to post on the social network.

Facebook has been declining in popularity amongst younger users so it is now adding some new features to recapture its earlier appeal amongst this group.

Leaked images released by anonymous tipster showed a temporary profile status function that will be removed after a given period.

The feature, that is described as “Snapchat-like” will bring back a sense of urgency to updates – something that some believe has been lost amongst the millions of videos and links that get posted.

According to Buzzfeed News, the new feature will be limited to 101 characters and the user can decide if it just appears on their own profile or will also crop up in others News Feeds. There will be an option to make the status update permanent.

Speaking to Buzzfeed a spokesman said, “We’re testing an update that lets people set a temporary status on their profile to let friends know what they’re doing or feeling in the moment.
“People have the option to set an expiration date for the status and choose whether or not it appears in News Feed or only on their profile.”

A study released in August suggest that potentially Facebook could lose followers in the 12-17 age group as they tend to favour Snapchat and Instagram. The report also suggested that some children are overlooking Facebook altogether in favour of other sites.

The report was conducted by EMarketer and predicted that the number of Facebook users in the 12-17 category would fall by 3.4% in 2017 to 14.5 million.

Facebook has over two billion active users and this continues to grow but younger generations seem to favour photo-sharing apps.


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