New Gmail update means your email is now more secure than ever


Google has rolled out a security new update to its popular email service Gmail, which will warn users when they receive a message with that contains malicious links or phishing threats.

According to its App Security blog, Google says a user will be warned if they receive an email from a source that Google is unable to authenticate.

If Google is unable to authenticate the sender, the user will a question mark in place of the sender’s avatar, profile photo or logo.

If an email contains a link to a dangerous site that contains malware, unwanted software or has been linked to phishing attempts, Gmail will now display a warning that you may harm your computer if you click on the link.

This latest security update is essentially an extension of the Safe Browsing feature available in Google Chrome, which warns users when they are about to visit a dodgy site.

Gmail security update

In its security bulletin, Google adds that not all of the emails it flags will necessary be dangerous but it urges users to be extra careful when it comes to replying to emails or clicking on links they are unsure about.

The latest security update is available to Gmail users on the web and on Android.

Earlier this year, Google announced that it would start using encryption on incoming and outgoing emails and has also recently added a new two step authentication to give users added protection from threats online.

Gmail is one of the world’s most popular email services with more than one billion active years a month.

Source: Google.


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